Bedtime Foods to Help You Sleep

Bedtime Foods to Help You Sleep

Falling asleep can be very hard for many of us. Our daily stress and emotional issues or just not feeling well, can interfere with sleep. Others have breathing issues that can stop you from normal breathing and others who snore so badly that no-one else can get any sleep!

The two best products to help are the amino acid, Tryptophan and the hormone, melatonin and then boost their effects by eating them with a carbohydrate

An hour before bed, indulge, eat some turkey with whole grain bread, banana, a piece of cheese and cracker, beans, pumpkin seeds or oatmeal. ! Eating something with Tryptophan will convert to Serotonin, which then will convert to melatonin in the body and adding a carbohydrate with that, helps the conversion to work.

Or have a little honey, research at MIT says it increases serotonin in the brain and settles down brain activity! Nosh on nuts, seeds or leafy greens to increase your magnesium which helps relax muscles and increases serotonin. Eating whole grains; like rice or oats during the day can help generate the melatonin that triggers sleep at night.

Whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans and eggs provide B vitamins galore. They help calm the nervous system and bring down the stress level; this also helps with sleep by helping the body produce serotonin.

Eat a trail mix with dried cherries and Brazil nuts, the sleepy nut, (due to its serotonin). Both will convert to melatonin, the hormone that actually regulates the bodies sleep-awake cycle. Walnuts if you look at the convoluted body of the whole nut; it looks like a little brain, that is the signature or sign of what it benefits most.

Sleep Aid Soup

Before bed, simmer corn, rice, barley and oats in turkey broth and milk.

Sprinkle in crushed walnuts and some chickpeas.

Enjoy a cupful in a darkened room about 30 minutes before bed!

Suggested by Dr. James Duke

Or a Classic Combo

A slice of whole wheat toast with almond butter drizzled with honey.

Enjoy with a mug of warm milk.

Welcome to a night of restful sleep!


Guide to Healing Foods by James Duke, PhD

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